Nimblejack, an Indianapolis based creative agency, hired me to create a holiday season animation for Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL). Their goal was to highlight a improvements made to IPL's power grid.
Tony May of Nimblejack handled art direction, while I provided character design, storyboards, an animatic and the final animation. Turnaround was about a month and ran over the Thanksgiving holiday. To hit my deadline, I contracted the multi-talented Cameron Bourquein to assist with background art and 3D elements. 
The final product received a warm reception from IPL staff and was used both internally and on their social media accounts.

The final animation.

Several changes were made in response to the final storyboards. A suburban street replaced the power plant which was moved to a later point in the animation. The windmills were cut and a pipeline shot was added.
This animatic was created using storyboard sketches, a rough music cut, and a crude model of the character's walk cycle. It was key in locking the animation's timing, and made it apparent that we needed to cut a shot. The image of the pipeline was removed. Making the call at this stage saved both time and money.
Illustration for email and landing page which linked to the animation.