This video was created for USA Funds. The script and voice-over were provided by the client. We were responsible for art direction, storyboards, and animation.
This video appears with the permission of USA Funds.
The major challenge we faced was to quickly and simply explain a rather complicated message. USA Funds provided a service that connected borrowers of student loans to counselors who helped them find solutions to any loan repayment issues they might have. The service was free to the borrower and paid for by the school they had attended.
To connect with borrowers, we used expressionist imagery that conveyed emotions like confusion...
...intimidation, and fear.
During the storyboard stage, we broke the video into four distinct parts. The first signals that the borrower's predicament is understood. 
The second shows the borrower taking action by calling a loan counselor.
Section three emphasizes the service is not charging them a fee or collecting on any bills.
The video concludes with the counselor assisting the borrower and the borrower gaining a visible feeling of relief.

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