Guy Tang is a self-described "HairActivist" from LA. He's known for wild, multi-color dye jobs, and has a large social media following.
In celebration of his one-millionth Instagram follower, Kenra Professional hired us to turn Tang into a super hero. The stylist is a comic book fan and has drawn inspiration from various superhero costumes.
In addition to all artwork, we also provided story and script. The printed book was distributed at a Kenra event held in Tang's honor. It featured a life-size standee of the cover image for attendees to pose with.
One challenge was designing a super-hero version of Tang. The real Tang is muscular and also works as a model. The client wanted his physique to be over-exagerated
Design work included this masthead inspired by 80's cartoons like She-Ra.
Within eight pages, Tang receives superpowers, meets his nemesis, defeats him, and throws a dance party.
The comic included seven character designs, most of which were based on real people.
The vivid colors used in Tang's hair styles inspired our use of color throughout the comic. We also wrote a lot of hair-puns.

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