The Brothers Grant is an comic about contract crimefighters in a city too cheap to pay for real cops.
It is co-created by Chris Ludden and Ginger Dee, who go by the studio name "Chris & Gin."
The division of labor on these sample pages are as follows:
Chris & Gin - writing and scripting
Chris - pencils, layouts, character designs
Gin - inks, colors, graphic design
The entire comic may be read for free at
The comic features an ensemble cast centered around the titular brothers.
Harrison is a fictional, mid-sized city in the midwest. The city iitself is treated as a character.

We aim to capture "the midwest" through the architecutre, the look of background characters, and the importance of food and drink in social situations.
One of Chris's primary goals in drawing the comic is to convey a sense of motion from panel to panel and within each drawing itself. This two-page fight scene is a good example.
This is another example of more subtle movement.

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