Starbase Indy is a three-day science fiction convention with a heavy emphasis on Star Trek. It's been been running for over three decades, and in more recent years, it re-organized as a non-profit that promotes STEM learning. The con provides a wide variety of programming from celebrity meet-and-greets to hands-on science demos.

In 2019, I served as the convention's art director and chief designer. I created promotional materials, ID badges, tickets, and the illustration used on the con's t-shirt and program guide. I also produced PowerPoint templates other con staff could use to quickly produce ad-hoc signage.
Promotional materials for Starbase Indy 2019 - Poster, flier, and social media graphics.
Print materials for the convention - Program cover, ID badges, and event tickets for Starbase Indy 2019.
Primary illustration for the Starbase Indy 2019. Used on the program and t-shirt.
Official Starbase 2019 t-shirt.
Sign templates built in PowerPoint provided an easy way for convention staff to create ad-hoc signage.
This video was created after the convention to promote STEM programming at future shows.