LifeSkills was a series of browser-based courses aimed at undergraduate and post-grad students. Its 33 lessons covered financial literacy, student loan management, student skills, and career development. The product was offered free-of-charge to colleges and universities by Strada Education Network, a non-profit organization formerly named USA Funds.
In 2013, Strada chose to completely revamp LifeSkills. The company had an internal eLearning team consisting of a manager, three instructional designers, and myself. As the team's sole visual designer, coder, and animator, I had my hands full. 
A short video featuring examples of the interactive and motion graphics within LifeSkills.
Key Contributions:
+ Art direction for all lessons
+ UI/UX for interactive educational media throughout lessons
+ Graphic design, animation, and coding for all lessons* 
+ Collaborated with the eLearning team to develop a formal graphics request system
+ Boosted production by creating a "Graphics Library" of interactive, motion, and static graphic styles
+ Collaborated with instructional designers to ensure media communicated core concepts accurately
Many activities helped users learn to budget their time and money.
Others were designed to make abstract concepts concrete.
I created several graphic styles to break help break the text-heavy lessons into smaller bits of information.
There were a few chances to get more creative with the presentation of information.
Static graphics also appeared on text pages in the form of graphs and callouts.
* I did not design the lesson template.